When was BIID invented?

Body Integrity Identity Disorder is not an invention. We cannot tell you it was "invented" at a certain date by a particular person.

We can tell you that the first mention of a case that could be labelled as being BIID dates back to 1785, when a man asked a "surgeon" to remove his leg, and after he had lost his leg, he reported being happy about it.

John Money first (eroneously) classified the condition as a sexual deviance and called it Apotemnophilia (being sexually aroused at the idea of being an amputee).

Several other people made suggestions for classification, such as Factitious Disability Disorder, or Amputee Identity Disorder.

In 2005, Dr. First suggested the term Body Integrity Identity Disorder. In his own words:

The term BIID was coined specifically for those who desire to be an amputee in order to replace the term “apotemnophilia”, a term coined by John Money who reported on the first two cases in the literature in 1977 [...] The problem with this term, of course, is that it focused exclusively on the sexual arousal part of the condition and ignored what I consider to be the central element…one of desired identity.

So, no one invented the condition, but it is only in the last 30 or so years that people have started classifying it.

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