First, Michael

Dr. First is an editor of the DSM V. He was the first to introduce the name "Body Integrity Identity Disorder". It is not clear yet whether or not BIID will be included in the next edition of the DSM.

Dr. Michael First is a psychiatrist who proposed the term Body Integrity Identity Disorder after conducting a study of over 50 individuals with BIID. In an email to O'Connor, Sean, he said:

The term BIID was coined specifically for those who desire to be an amputee in order to replace the term “apotemnophilia”, a term coined by John Money who reported on the first two cases in the literature in 1977…a term which essentially meant being sexually turned on by the idea of being an amputee. The problem with this term, of course, is that it focused exclusively on the sexual arousal part of the condition and ignored what I consider to be the central element…one of desired identity.

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