Is BIID a sexual fetish?

No, Body Integrity Identity Disorder is not a sexual fetish.

The majority of people who have BIID talk about a difference in body image, or self-perception, where sexuality does not come into play, or comes in minimally, as part of being a healthy, "normal" adult.

While some people have a primary sexual interest in acquiring an impairment, that is a different condition called Apotemnophilia, which John Money introduced as a paraphilia in the late 1970's. Dr. Money's work was done with a transabled indiviual, Gregg Furth

A personal perspective by Robert Vickers By puberty, when I hadn't happened to become an LAK amputee, I started to fantasise that a girlfriend who was an amputee would be a suitable substitute. When I did not find such a girl, I started 'cutting and pasting' pictures of gorgeous naked ladies from Playboy and Penthouse magazines to try and satisfy my desires. Of course they didn't, but over time, the desire for female amputees became stronger and is still there fifty years on.

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