Do you use accessible toilets?

Those transabled individuals who use a wheelchair to alleviate their symptoms do tend to use accessible toilet stalls. Some people may think this is an ethical issue, and that it is "stealing" the stall from those who really need it. However, we suggest it is less of an ethical issue to "keep in character" and remain in the wheelchair, than to stand out of the chair and use a regular stall.

As for stealing the stall from another user, anecdotal evidence shows that this simply does not happen. Sean O'Connor says:

For instance, accessible toilet stalls. I see NO problem with wheelchair users using the stalls. In a dozen year of wheeling full time, I have had to wait for the stall to be free exactly TWICE because there was another wheelchair user in there. On the other hand, I have stopped counting the number of times I had to wait on some ambulatory edjit that was reading the paper in the stall a long time ago (not counting teenagers doing "unmentionable" things in thereā€¦).

When out in public and using a wheelchair, transabled individuals (or even pretenders) have a duty to the disability community to behave as appropriately as possible (we acknowledge here that some people with disability would claim that the appropriate thing to do would be to simply not pretend in public).

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