BIID as Extreme Body Modification

There appears to be a trend where some people claim that "self-demand" impairments, principally amputations, are a form of (extreme) body modification (mods are usualy things like piercings, tattoing, etc).

[edit] A major difference: choice

We think that there is a significant difference between Body Integrity Identity Disorder and body modification. Those of us with BIID don't have a choice in the matter. We don't get to decide what "modification" we want. Heck, we don't even get to decide whether or not we want a modification to our body.

It is an important difference. To claim that BIID is akin to moding is dangerous for the public understanding of BIID. This is not a negative reflection on (extreme) body modification. As one of the issues many people with disabilities take against transabled individuals is the fact that we appear to be very arrogant by picking our disability, reinforcing the erroneous conception that BIID sufferers have a choice in the matter can only extend the chasm between transabled people and people with disabilities.

[edit] Seeking amputations for different reasons

It may be that there are people who are indeed seeking amputations from a desire to practice extreme body modifications. While unsuported by systematic study, we believe that those who claim to have done amputations because of the mod concept were doing only minor amputations, such as toes, fingers, or part of the foot or hand.

In contrast, those of us with BIID are after significant impairments, whether that of amputation of an entire leg (or two), or paralysis, etc.

This difference may be important in how we discuss the issue and how we come to think of it.

[edit] A means to an end

We could easily conceive of someone who has BIID that would "flirt" with the mod crowds, as a means to getting what they need. Some people who are into extreme body modification are skilled in near-surgery practices, and may be able to provide assistance for people requiring impairments. Obviously a major amputation couldn't be provided, but perhaps there are surgeons, or medical doctors among those into mods, who could be convinced by this. Or perhaps some other people skilled with scarring and piercing would be willing to inject alcohol in femoral nerves.

While these are possibilities, we must be careful not to confuse the issue, and to continue differentiating between BIID and body modification.

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