Are you nuts?

This is a rather loaded question which needs defining somewhat.

If by "nuts" you mean psychotic, delusional, or otherwise fabulating, the answer is most definitely no. The vast majority of transabled individuals are quite level headed.

If by "nuts" you mean mentally ill, the jury is still out. Some people believe that Body Integrity Identity Disorder is a mental illness (people like Dr. First or Gregg Furth for instance). Others believe it may be a neurological condition (people like Ramachandran). Others yet believe it's a neuropsychological condition.

The fact is that there currently isn't sufficient evidence to categorically say one way or the other just what *is* body integrity identity disorder.

What is a fact, the sufferer who does not know what they are suffering from, does not know it has a name, does not know there are others who suffer exactly the same condition, report the same feeling: That they are the only 'nutter' in the world who wants a perfectly good body impaired by amputation, paralysis, deafness or blindness, etc and that it is so weird and perverted they will not even broach the subject with their doctor or psychiatrist. It is a perfect example where ignorance is the cause of unbelievable grief, guilt and suffering.

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