What is the prognosis for transabled individuals?

It's hard to tell at this point. Neither psychotherapy of various kinds, nor medication appear to work. The only thing that seems to work is for individuals with Body Integrity Identity Disorder to acquire the impairment they need. Given that surgery is not an accepted treatment alternative at this point, it means that transabled individuals have the choice between living life and suffer with BIID, or attempt self-injury.

Anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that BIID feelings tend to increase and intensify as the individual gets older.

As for employment, that is the same as for any other similarly 'disabled' person. However, if you can keep your current employment as you go through your 'transition' the employer is likely to find not a 'disabled' employee, but a 'new' employee with renewed drive, determination to do everything they did before and then some. It will not be a case of NEEDING to work harder to keep your employment, but of WANTING to work harder to prove to yourself that you can.

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