The healthy who think they should lose limbs


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Ruth Hill

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The Dominion Post or on our site.

[edit] Abstract/Overview

A brief article discussing Dr.Ryan's paper in which he suggests healthy limb amputation may be appropriate.

[edit] Comments/Analysis

Similar content as the paper by Dr. Ryan, except for a comment from the head of orthopaedics at Otago University's Wellington School of Medicine, Geoffrey Horne, who said:

"It would present serious ethical issues for a surgeon because you are destroying a healthy limb and wrecking the patient's life ... "And what happens when the patient attains a 'normal' state of mind, whatever that is, and wants to know, "Why did you cut my leg off?""

Clearly Dr. Horne is misinformed about BIID and does not have a grasp of the condition of BIID sufferers. It also makes a negative judgement about quality of life as a person with a disability, assuming that to be an amputee means having your life wrecked.

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