Nonpsychotic, nonparaphilic self-amputation and the internet


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Berger, Bertrand, Lehrmann, Jon, Larson, Gunnar, Alverno, Luca, and Tsao, Carol

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Comprehensive Psychiatry, Volume 46, Issue 5, Pages 380-383. Available on Elsevier Article Locator

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The literature suggests that self-amputation is an outgrowth of either psychosis or paraphilia. In the case we present, the patient was neither psychotic at the time of amputation, nor did he ascribe a sexual motivation for his act. Instead, he had a long-standing idea that being an amputee was a critical aspect of his identity. The patient used the internet to research the method for his amputation and sought support from individuals with the same desire via e-mail, web sites, and Usenet news groups.

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