Illogical desires that can't be ignored


[edit] Original article

[edit] Author(s)

Laura Mueller

[edit] Source

The Toronto Star or on our site.

[edit] Abstract/Overview

A quick overview of Body Integrity Identity Disorder, with quotes from transabled individuals.

[edit] Comments/Analysis

A fair introduction to BIID, although lacking in many ways. The author has failed to discuss the fact that BIID sufferers may have other required impairment than amputation. As we spent a significant amount of time exchanging emails with the author, it is disapointing to see that she did not take this into account.

She does make one reference to Claire, who "bought a wheelchair and has spent weekends in another city pretending to be a paraplegic", but it seems completely out of context and there is no explanation in the text as to why she does that. Considering the rest of the article, the reader can only assume that Claire uses pretending to be a paraplegic because she wants to be an amputee but she can't pretend to be an amputee, when in fact, Claire's BIID expresses itself in the form of needing to be paralysed.

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