How can I self-injure?

If you feel you have to self-injure, we urge you to immediately seek professional help. We cannot and do not condone self-injury as way to handle your Body Integrity Identity Disorder. While we empathise with you (most of us have been there), we cannot in good conscience offer any way to self-injure.

The fact is, there is no safe, and reliable way to acquire an impairment without medical supervision.

Again, if you are about to self-injure, we beg you to seek professional help.

While mental health professionals have no solution or treatment for BIID, they are able to assist with getting through a particularly intense phase of BIID. We are of the firm believe that self-injury is not the best way to go (although it is currently the only way to achieve an impairment). The risk of killing yourself in the process is too high. We recognise that some people won't care about that, and at that point, the question becomes not one of having BIID, but of being suicidal, for which there are some recourses.

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