Do you have BIID for life?

In general, the people who use the various BIID chat groups have passed puberty, and their self-image is unshakably that of their desired impairment, and no therapy is currently available which will change that image and their desire. In this situation, the only relief from the depression and grief caused by their BIID, is to achieve their impaired or transabled state, either by bringing it about themselves or with medical assistance. At present, sufferers are very unlikely to find a medical practitioner who will agree to perform the desired surgery.

However, the situation for children MAY be different. As a child’s brain is still malleable or plastic, it may be possible that drug-free and surgery-free therapies to change their desire will be developed. Neuroscientists have ideas as to how that might be possible, but until such time as children with BIID present for treatment, the idea remains a hypothesis.

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