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An interview with "NoHands", an individual who has lost many parts of himself, some on purpose, other accidentaly. He says his body is a canvas and doesn't think the "art" is finished.

[edit] Comments and Analysis

"It is not just the amputation that you have to be in love with, but it is the whole dynamic of being an amputee that you need to embrace" - NoHand, 1998

In love? Apotemnophilia? Love or lust? Love or need? Discussing amputation as a form of body modification makes it appear benign. It gives the impression of "choice", although later in the text he makes a distinction between body modificatiers and wannabes.

"I hole a Pre-Med. B.Sc majoring in Fine Art (medical illustration), with a minor in Biology. My Masters degree focused on life drawing, oil paintint and mechanical sculpture, and was followed by a Pj.D. in Engineering Design. I also hold a DLJ in literary journalism"

Highly educated. Seems like many people are highly educated

"My favourite book is the Bible [...] My interest is both religions and scholoarly"

Doesn't the Bible talk against harming the perfect body you were given? How can he reconcile one with the other?

"Motivation for tbe bod-mod is from internal wiring I believe, not outside influence"

Nature vs. Nurture. If nature, then no use of therapy. This argument is of course skewed (in this context) since I don't believe in needing an impairment as a form of body modification in the first place.

"The fact that I had these desires for so long negates for me anyway the assumption that these are purely sexual issues -- though as an adult there is of course a sexual component [...]"

It's not about sex, but sex is an important part of any adult.

"Very few wannabes actually make the transition to major amputees, as most only fantasize the amputation as a desired thing, but actually don't have a true understanding of what it is to be an amputee, nor do they have the required mental, and physical determination to safely get there"

NoHand seems to misunderstand the condition. Taking no action is not necessarily a lack of mental/physical determination. There may be any number of reason that one doesn't "do it", such as unable to figure out logistics, unwilling to risk one's life in the process, unwilling to destroy familly unit, traumatise kids, etc.

"there are a million things you either never think about prior to making the transition, or that you think won't be a problem, but will turn out to be a major obstacle"

No matter how much planning, you can't plan for what you have no real way of figuring out ahead of time. Be ready for situations, knowing that you will receive plenty of surprises.

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