Can't you just take a pill?

No, people who have Body Integrity Identity Disorder can't "just take a pill" to make it go away. While there have been report of using medication to treat BIID in similar ways as OCD, anecdotal evidence suggests that these courses of medication are not useful in easing BIID symptoms.

A personal perspective by Robert Vickers: A previous unsuccessful attempt to have my leg amputated after major damage, resulted in a three month stay in hospital. Assuming I damaged my leg because I was psychotic, doctors tried to repair my leg and cure my psychosis. Surgeons saved my leg over many operations with flap and skin grafts. Psychiatrists fed me industrial strength doses of tranquilisers and antidepressants, and subjected me to six to eight treatments of 'electro-convulsive therapy' (ECT or shock treatment). Once out of hospital, it took years to break the drug addiction, it is anyone's guess as to the brain damage the ECT did, AND I STILL WANTED MY LEG OFF !!!

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