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We are regularly contacted by members of the press with requests for further information, interviews, participation in documentaries, etc. This "Press" page is both for and

While we are happy to help disseminate the word about Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID), we also have had, as a community, bad experiences with the press. Further, the privacy issues inherent in our lives due to our condition make full participation difficult at best.

That said...


[edit] Privacy issues

Most transabled individuals are still "in the closet" - we have not disclosed the fact that we have BIID to many people, if anyone at all. The reason for this is simple, BIID is a mostly misunderstood condition and people may quickly ostracize us for it. Stories of spouses divorcing us after disclosure are not unusual. Those of us who live as people with disabilities further risk losing employment, etc. This is not a risk we are willing to take in most cases.

Please respect that.

[edit] Misrepresentation

While we have had contact with several good reporters, we also have been in contact with members of the press who ended up completely misrepresenting us and our stories. Some of the stories published have not only been innacurate, but harmful to the individuals and to the BIID community at large.

Because of this the good will originally expressed by many transabled individuals has dwindled to non-existence. "Once bitten, twice shy" someone told me a few days ago.

While we understand that newspapers, magazine, and production companies must sell copy to stay in business, and while it appears that sensationalism is a good way to get there, transabled individuals have no desire to be displayed as freak exhibits to boost your sales.

If you wish to do a piece on BIID, please respect that.

[edit] Interviews

Sean is happy to participate in interviews, however cannot do phone interviews due to a (genuine) hearing impairment. Interview medium that have been used successfully in the past are email and instant messenging. For instant messenging, on Yahoo! Messenger, he uses the nickname "wylz". On Skype, he uses the nickname "wylz234" (please, not voice chat on Skype).

Claire is also happy to participate in interviews. Please contact Claire by email to arrange further methods of communication.

We may be able to arrange contact with other people at your request but make no promises.

[edit] Documentaries

We routinely receive requests for documentary assistance. The request made most often is assistance in locating willing participants. Because of the privacy issues stated above, it is extremely rare that anyone would wish to appear on camera. The risks are just too great.

Statements such as "it will only show in the UK" are, in this day and age, not believable. In fact, you have no way of knowing where the show will be syndicated. Offers to disguise the person with wigs, makeup, blurring the face, or even electronically disguising the voice are not acceptable either on many levels - either they are not sufficient to properly disguise someone, or they make us appear "seedy and disreputable". Further, those of us using wheelchairs often have rather distinctive wheelchairs that would be entirely too easy to recognise, so the entire body would have to be blurred.

The only relatively safe option would be for an actor to play from a script, but the actor would not have the grace and comfort we have with our mobility aids.

That said, we'll be pleased to help you with background information for your documentary.

[edit] Photos

As with documentaries, the risks of appearing in a publication is too big for most of us.

[edit] In conclusion

We'll be happy to assist you, but please respect our need for privacy, and accept the fact that we may not be able to participate in the way you wished we could participate.

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